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The new 64 Redbull Bars in Motion Capture

Scopri come Marracash e Tha Sup hanno unito il mondo reale e virtuale nel video ’64 Barre di Delirio’. Leggi il dietro le quinte della produzione e della motion capture.

Motion Capture Live

Motion Capture Live: new technologies for live events

Motion Capture animation integrated into live events with Unreal Engine 5.1 represents one of the most innovative technology’s sides.

Digital model

Dsquared2 opens Fall Winter 2023 with two digital models

Creativity and innovation come together on the runways of Dsquared2. Two digital avatars animated by Dean and Dan in motion capture opened the show dedicated to the presentation of Fall Winter 2023.


Animation marketplace for films, video games, and VR/AR applications

The beta version of the first Italian 3D animation marketplace, produced by Wond AR Studios, is now available on our website. An online platform that offers animations entirely recorded in motion capture and applicable to any rigged 3D model.


The first scene of Diabolik 2 with motion capture by Wond AR Studios

The interview with VFX supervisor Simone Silvestri, who relied on Wond AR Studios' motion capture for Diabolik 2 - Ginko all'attacco!


CGI and Motion Capture

The Empire Wants You: interview with Stefano Girardi, director of the Star Wars fan film

Stefano Girardi, director and author, has recently created several shorts entirely in 3D. Among these, the latest is The Empire Wants You, a fan film dedicated to the Star Wars saga, to which the Wond AR Studios team collaborated by creating all the animations in Motion Capture.

VR Experience

Star Wars event, between Motion Capture and Virtual Reality

The event was built and conceived by the staff of Wond AR Studios and the 3D artist and director Stefano Girardi, with the aim of making the virtual experience as interactive as possible. Those who wore the Oculus had the opportunity to explore a VR village inspired by the fortified city of Jedah, and, by answering the questions correctly, prove that they are a true fan of the Star Wars saga.

They talk about us:

Live concerts in the Metaverse

Live events in the Metaverse are now possible thanks to new motion capture animation techniques. Wond AR Studios and LOFT 107, at the Meet Digital Culture Center in Milan, made a full virtual experience available to the public by creating a real concert in virtual reality.


The movie set in the Metaverse

The new 3D movie set anticipates what will be directed within the Metaverse

Our last project:

Samsung's new 3D commercial made in Motion Capture

Exceed expectations and travel to another dimension. This was the focus of the new commercial for Samsung's new 8K screens integrating digital avatars and reality, made by Wond AR Studios and Avocad Film.

The backstage of a motion capture project:

How the Xsens suit works for Motion Capture

This is a short backstage of one of Wond AR's motion capture equipment demonstrations. From the calibration of the Xsens suit to the Manus gloves, and the live streaming animations in Unreal Engine and iClone.

An example of a motion capture video clip:

GOLPE! – Lontano da tutto

One of Wond AR Studios' first Motion Capture projects was the making of the video clip of Far From Everything by GOLPE! in which real and surreal environments alternate in which the protagonist materializes.

Our Motion Capture is the most competitive!

We are the only ones in Italy to offer a fast and professional Motion Capture pipeline. Thanks to our partnership with industry leader Xsens, we offer a home based service to create virtual content that can be used on all 3D software. We have developed a stream that gives the possibility to project a 3D character live thanks to the rendering engine of Unreal Engine and with the constant collaboration with the technicians of Reallusion, our motion capture is the most competitive on the Italian market. We have the best technology available to our customers, such as MVN Animate, Manus Prime gloves and facial tracking. In this way we are able to animate 3D avatars for augmented reality (but not only!) with extreme precision, control and stability also thanks to the Unity software.

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