The new 64 Redbull Bars in Motion Capture

After Paura e Vittoria, the 64 Barre di Delirio by Marracash, produced by Tha Sup, are now available on Red Bull Droppa's YouTube channel.

The unique way of communication by Tha Sup leads the creative direction of the video to blend the real and virtual worlds. The cartoon character with the purple hoodie and halo that we've come to know is indeed right there in the studio with Marracash.

The idea of having both characters in the same scene takes us to a different dimension than we are used to, uniting two ways of communicating that are different but travel hand in hand on the same beat.

Watch the video of 64 Barre di Delirio on YouTube above.

64 barre di delirio marracash

64 Barre di Delirio: compositing

Il video di “64 Barre di Delirio” è stato girato a Milano, e per la sua realizzazione sono stati costruiti due set in contemporanea. Da un lato la produzione video in studio di registrazione con Marracash, dall’altro la registrazione in Motion Capture di tutti i movimenti che avrebbero poi animato il character di The Sup.

The need to create compositing with the two main characters, Marracash and The Sup's avatar, altered the traditional production pipeline for this type of content. For this very reason, custom plates were created on location to allow for the integration and adaptation of all the 3D components into the real scene.

All 3D creativity was directed by Andrea Folino, director and CEO of Reef Studios, a production company that has been handling creative content for some of Italy's biggest artists for years including Salmo, Lazza, Sfera Ebbasta and many others.

64 barre di delirio compositing

64 Barre di Delirio: the realization

The animations created for The Sup's character were traced using the WondAR Studios Motion Capture system, primarily consisting of a motion capture suit equipped with 17 wireless sensors that record real-time body movements in space, along with Manus Quantum gloves for hand tracking.

Streaming motion data animated ThaSup's avatar in real time within Unreal Engine 5, in which the same set light was reconstructed to make the preview as faithful as possible to the final result.

64 barre di delirio realizzazione
64 barre di delirio realizzazione

64 Barre di Delirio: real-time

Given that it's a compositing production, it's essential to consider the space in which to place the 3D character in the real scene. For this reason, during the set shooting, the WondAR team provided a previsualization of the composited image to already have an idea of how it would look to see the two characters interact on stage.

64 barre di delirio in tempo reale

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