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The beta version of the first Italian 3D animation marketplace, produced by WondAR Studios, is now available on our website. An online platform that offers animations entirely recorded in motion capture and applicable to any rigged 3D model.

The body movements are recorded with the most advanced technologies on the market. The goal of WondAR Marketplace is to provide a wide range of movements that can be combined with each other to 3D artists, game developers and movie productions and anyone looking for humanoid animations. For this reason we have created specific categories, in order to provide the user with a series of single movements that can be joined together to create completely customized sequences.

So "daily" animations will be available (walk, talk, sit, drive...), but in addition to these you can find more dedicated and specific recordings according to your needs. The user can access a category of action/combat animations, recorded ad hoc with the stuntman team of Simone Belli, WondAR collaborator we rely on for all the movements that require the presence and the ability to realize a professional stuntman.

Technical details

All the animations, after recording in motion capture, are processed, cleaned and exported, in order to fix possible errors and deliver a better smooth animation.

In the download folder the user will find all the available extensions, fbx for Unreal, Unity, Maya and USD, an open and extensible framework and ecosystem to describe, compose, simulate and work within 3D worlds, originally developed by Pixar Animation Studios. The 60 fps export gives the user the possibility to use an animation, even if slowed down, still obtaining a fluid movement.

The WondAR team plans to record more than 3000 animations available to anyone by the end of 2025. We will publish a form where you can propose custom animations or advice ony variations of existing animations.

Supporting creators is one of the pillars of WondAR, we will try to meet your every need.

The link to our Discord server is active on the Marketplace page and on the entire WondAR webite. Do not hesitate to contact us for info, news or if you need support in purchasing.

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