Photogrammetry and drone plate

Wondar Studios provides professional 3D aerial scanning services by ENAC certified pilots intended for the Visual Effects industry

Professional 3D Aerial Scans

Starting from a point cloud, any type of land scan can be modeled and adapted as needed.

This technology allows for the inclusion, modification, and recreation of spaces and environments within a cinematic scene that do not exist in reality.

The equipment is dedicated to both scanning buildings and entire outdoor spaces, at medium and long ranges.

What instrumentation do we use for photogrammetry and drone plate?

Inspire 3

For photogrammetry and drone plate projects we use the Inspire 3 drone.

Thanks to its ability to record in Full frame 8K at 75fps in ProRes RAW and 8K at 25fps in CinemaDNG, the Inspire 3 drone delivers high-quality images. It's also possible to record in 4K at 120fps to capture moving details clearly.

With a dual native ISO ranging from 800 to 4000, the drone can adapt to different lighting conditions without compromising image quality. The ability to configure the drone with an 80° Tilt Boost or 360° Horizontal Rotation provides flexibility in capturing appropriate angles.

The dynamic range of over 14 stops enables the capture of details in both shadowed and well-lit areas. The ultra-wide-angle FPV camera with 1/1.8" night vision also allows for the capture of scenes in low-light conditions.

In addition, the Inspire 3 drone features centimeter-level RTK positioning and Waypoint Pro, ensuring high accuracy in trajectory recording. Dual-controlled 03 Pro video transmission ensures reliable and stable connectivity during aerial operations.

Full frame 8K/75fps
in ProRes RAW and CinemaDNG

8K Raw and DNG in 4K 120fps

Native dual ISO (800-4000)

High dynamic range
of over 14 stops

Ultra wide-angle FPV camera for 1/1.8″ night vision

03 Pro video transmission with dual control

Centimeter-level RTK positioning and Waypoint Pro

Dual configuration:

80° tilt boost

360° horizontal rotation

The X9-8K Air sensor supports 4 new lenses all with F2.8 aperture, more precisely we have the four DL fullframe lenses:

  • 18mm
  • 24mm
  • 35mm
  • 50 mm

All four lenses come with variable ND filter and circular polarizer. The housings are made of lightweight carbon meeting the high maneuverability requirements of Inspire 3.

fotogrammetria drone plate inspire 3

How to import in Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve ProRes RAW and DNG files?

Want to try Xsens motion capture technology?

Using our Xsens Inertial Motion Capture system, we shoot and reprocess the data using the Xsens software, providing your content with a delivery time of 24-72 hours.

Animations available in .fbx, .bvh or .3ds format. Our service includes consulting, video reference, in-service suit and mocap talent.

Post-processing and cleaning options available upon request.

Do you want some 25fps demo fbx to test?
Test Unity, Maya, Unreal and Blender with our demo pack.

cinema 4d

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