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Not only motion capture. Wond AR Studios offers a full range of services for VFX, gaming, and live events

A new generation of productions with Wond AR Studios

The quality of motion capture by Wond AR Studios is at the heart of a series of services that allow you to create complete productions for cinema, video games, television and events live.

With us you can have:

The results are always accurate and return incredible optical quality. Our technology can be used both inside and outside a production studio.

Motion Capture Xsens 240fps

With the Motion Capture technology, it’s possible to record the movements of the actor’s body up to 240 fps, really fluid animation even in slow motion. This is perfect for an action scene, or to get an epic style.

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manus quantum services

We can record the hands animation to give gestures to the digital avatar. The gloves are immune to magnetic interference, giving you full flexibility to capture anywhere.

Face tracking by Faceware

manus faceware wondar studios services face tracking

With Artificial Intelligence technology we can record all facial movements to give expression to every digital avatar.

Remote motion capture

motion capture remotely wondar studios services servizi

We manage motion capture sessions even remotely . Through a videocall, we can direct the movements for the recording of the animations and provide technical support.

Talent scouting for actors

manus xsens wondar studios services talent scouting

From dancers to singers , from sportsmen to warriors , but also all the most common and daily actions.

Live event with motion capture

live events mezcal

Live event in the Metaverse with digital avatar animated in motion capture with Unreal Engine.

di posa

wondar studios servizi services teatro di posa

Different types of limbo according to the customer's needs.

Creation of digital avatar

We create humanoid and non-humanoid characters, giving them a specific style or even reproduce the faithful copy.


michelle hunziker

With Maya we can model the facial features of the avatars created from MetaHumans library and then animate them in Unreal Engine.

Creation of clothes with Marvelous

wondar studios services marvelous 2

To customize the digital avatars we create tailored clothes and made just for the character, so as to have a perfect fit during the animation reproduction.

VFX data acquisition

We collect 3D data of crowds, locations, and objects, creating a variety of avatars and faithfully reproducing every specific detail or characteristic.

Full body scan for Crowd

Scansioni comparse per Crowd

Our system of 32 synchronized cameras allows us to rapidly and accurately capture 3D data of crowds of any size.

Location scan with drone lidar

scan location con drone lidar

The 3D model can be used to create realistic visual effects (VFX), such as adding virtual objects or characters to the location.

Scan props

scan props

La scansione di oggetti di scena è un processo che utilizza la tecnologia 3D per creare modelli digitali di oggetti fisici. Questi modelli possono essere utilizzati in una varietà di applicazioni, tra cui film, videogiochi e pubblicità.

Drone plate

drone plate

Our latest drone is the Inspire 3, which features an 8K RAW sensor and a range of advanced features that make it ideal for VFX shoots, including RTK motion recording.

Witness camera

witness camera

La witness camera è una fotocamera che viene utilizzata per registrare i movimenti di un attore durante le riprese di un film o di una serie televisiva. Le riprese della witness camera vengono poi utilizzate dai VFX artist per creare animazioni realistiche e coinvolgenti.

Face replacement

Face replacement

We use artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and speed of the face replacement process. AI allows us to automatically identify landmarks on the actor's face and replace facial movements with greater precision.

Metaverse and videogame

Creation of customized Metaverse

We create custom environments based on the type of project, to make the production as customized as possible.

Video game animation

Using motion capture technology, we create custom animations compatible with all major game development platforms.

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Audio and video production

Ambisonic audio production

manus xsens wondar studios services ambisonic audio

A method for recording, mixing and playing back three-dimensional 360-degree audio. This approach is to treat an audio scene as a full 360-degree sphere of sound coming from different directions around a center point.

Foley Artist for sound design

wondar studios services foley artist

Recording sound effects to add in movies, videogames and other media in post-production to improve audio quality. This helps to create a sense of reality and immersiveness within a scene.

360° Video and Virtual Reality

wondar studios services video 360 vr

We make immersive spherical videos of any type of device.

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