Motion Capture

Animate 3D characters with our motion capture system.

Ideal for video games, film, animation, TV broadcasts and live entertainment.

Last generation Xsens technology.

Wond AR Studios provides a motion capture service with high quality data capture in all conditions and in all environments. 

3D animation has never been easier

La Motion capture is a technology widely used to make special effects for cinema and video games Motion capture is a technology widely used to create special effects for cinema and video games but it also has applications in sports therapy, neuroscience, ergonomics and robotics. terapie sportive, nella neuroscienza, nell’ergonomia e nella robotica.

Our motion capture technology is ideal for:

Film and special effects

video game development

Live entertainment


Virtual, augmented and mixed reality

The results are always accurate and return incredible optical quality. Our technology can be used both inside and outside a production studio.

Motion tracking Xsens

Animation service customized with the motion tracking system Xsens.
Directed to professionals working in the field of video games, animation and entertainment.

Our technology is available in service.

La motion capture a portata di mano: anche a casa tua

A suit-based system leveraging IMU (Inertial Measurement Units) technology for motion capture is very easy to carry and use .

Movements can be acquired anywhere , in any environment, while maintaining extreme tracking reliability.

motion capture xsens roma

La Xsens suit provides a full-body motion capture system that integrates directly on different platforms such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Iclone, Maya etc. providing a real acquisition of performance.

motion capture manus quantum

I Manus gloves are designed to integrate finger movements into the animation, providing a perfect interaction with the suit.

Tracking facciale - facial tracking

Il Facial tracking is an artificial intelligence technique that reconstructs in detail the characteristics of a face and its expressions.

How does Xsens motion capture technology work?

With Wond AR Studios you have the best motion capture technology thanks to a suit made of Lycra and equipped with 17 trackers , which allows data recording of extremely accurate movement. The suit is tight and comfortable, also ideal for fighting scenes and in those that require fast movements.

The algorithms and sensors guarantee the capture of maximum quality movement even in the most demanding and magnetically disturbed environments, thanks to the magnetic immunity .

Furthermore, with the Manus Xsens gloves the movement of the body is combined with that of the fingers. Finally, thanks to facial capture , it is possible to record the actor's expressions and reactions.

Our technology is available to you with service, contact us for a quote.

Range ~150m
Update rate 240hz
Battery life 8 – 10h

Comms Wi-Fi
r(OBR) X

Receiver Wi-Fi router

Charging USB cable

17 wireless sensors
Full body lycra suit

Wond AR Partners with GPEM

GPEM, an innovative Italian company, provides technologies and products related to performance capture in the entertainment industry. In particular, they are a distributor of Faceware, a well-established software in the field of face tracking known for its exceptional accuracy in lip syncing and facial movement.

This gives rise to a new collaboration between Wond AR and GPEM, consequently expanding the entire setup and 3D processing pipeline.

The hardware and software of Faceware for facial motion capture create cutting-edge technology that allows for precise capturing of facial performances, resulting in credible animations in a quick and reliable manner.

Faceware Studio tracks both live and recorded facial movements and utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning techniques to track the face and create real-time animations.

Mocap cameras


Both entry-level and professional facial Mocap cameras (HMC) allow performers and operators to conveniently and reliably capture high-quality facial performances.

These cameras allow performers to express a wide range of emotions and facial movements with great precision.


Portal is the new AI technology patented by Faceware. It is based on a cloud system that automatically generates animation data from performance capture videos.

It allows for quickly obtaining excellent data processing by uploading a facial performance video and achieving quality results like never before.

Create your 3D digital avatar with Wond AR Studios

Breathe life into your digital avatar with photorealistic details, fully rigged and ready to be animated and personalized with options for hair and clothing.

The modeling of 3D characters has taken on a crucial role in the media and entertainment industry. The creation of realistic avatars allows for infusing personality and emotions into the characters, making them photorealistic and easily identifiable for the audience.

The process of creating a 3D avatar

The process of creating a 3D avatar begins with selecting the desired physical characteristics and appearance. This may include elements such as age, gender, ethnicity, face shape, hair length, and eye color, among others.

Regarding character customization, you can add any desired detail, such as clothes, accessories, and specific facial features.

There are various creation modes available, including Character Creator, Metahuman Creator, and Ready Player Me.

Want to try Xsens motion capture technology?

Using our Xsens Inertial Motion Capture system, we shoot and reprocess the data using the Xsens software, providing your content with a delivery time of 24-72 hours.

Animations available in .fbx, .bvh or .3ds format. Our service includes consulting, video reference, in-service suit and mocap talent.

Post-processing and cleaning options available upon request.

Do you want some 25fps demo fbx to test?
Test Unity, Maya, Unreal and Blender with our demo pack.

cinema 4d

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