3D Full Body Scan

The future of human digitization, with Wond AR Studios

Wond AR Studios is an Italian company providing a 3D human full body scanning service.

Become a digital avatar yourself

The Full Body Scan technology allows obtaining the 3D digital replica of a human figure, along with its dimensions and texture.

Intended for use in the cinematic world of CGI, the 3D crowd expedites and simplifies the post-production process for all scenes that require the presence of crowds composed of diverse and animated subjects.




Motion capture


Wond AR Studios' Full Body Scan technology allows the details of the human body to be captured with extraordinary accuracy, making film productions even more immersive.

Transportable Setup

full body scan set up trasportabile

The structure is designed and built to be completely portable. This makes it possible to set up the shooting in any location.


full body scan fotocamere

The rig consists of 32 cameras which, arranged in a circular manner, simultaneously capture a full-body image. The synchronization allows us to complete a scan in less than 1 minute.

Instantaneous visualization of the model

With our plugins, it is possible to view instantly the scanned 3D model so that its characteristics can be evaluated even at the shooting stage.

full body scan visualizzazione istantanea del modello

Costume extras

full body scan comparse in costume

With this technology it is possible to scan subjects with any stage costume, regardless of the material.

Color checker

full body scan color checker

By placing the color checker on the support platform we faithfully reproduce the colors of textures and materials.

Face replacement

Face photogrammetry allows for obtaining a high-quality scan, especially in terms of texture. This method is often used in CGI on lead actors, providing VFX teams the capability to replace a stuntman's face with that of the main character.

Our photogrammetry setup is designed to be versatile, depending on the type of scan required. The same rig used for full-body scans can also be adapted for face scanning, with all 32 cameras focused solely on the actor's face, resulting in a highly detailed 3D version.

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