Motion capture, the new challenge of Wondar Studios begins with "Lontano da tutto" by GOLPE!

One of the first motion capture projects by Wondar Studios was the creation of the music video for Lontano da tutto by GOLPE!, in which real and surreal environments alternate and the protagonist materializes in a very particular setting.

The music video for "Lontano da tutto" by GOLPE! has been released, the third single by the artist shrouded in anonymity who, in his mysterious musical project, establishes himself as the new voice of Italian pop. The video was entirely created in 3D graphics using the innovative technology of motion capture, the one that allowed Gollum to move realistically in The Lord of the Rings, to give an example.

In the story, the protagonist "GOLPE!" interfaces with a surreal environment, composed of spaceships, illuminated deer, and fiery meteors that accompany his entire journey, in which he is materialized and dispersed. The environment around him metaphorically seems to illustrate the courage mentioned by the artist in "Lontano da tutto", leading him to go towards the meteorite that he previously feared.

How was created "Lontano da tutto," the music video by GOLPE!

"Lontano da tutto", the new music video by GOLPE!, is the first motion capture production by the Italian Wondar Studios.

We created a team consisting of 3D artists, singers, producers, filmmakers, and CGI creators. At the Triangolo Lab, “Lontano da tutto” by GOLPE! came to life in a special environment.

The video is available on YouTube. Entirely created in motion capture, with the X-Sense suit, we recorded live within the environments of Unreal Engine.

During filming, it was essential to record the movements of the fingers to give more realism to the character's animation. This was made possible thanks to the motion capture system of the Manus gloves, which integrate perfectly with Xsens' proprietary motion capture software, MVN Animate, which transmits and exports all recorded data, providing real-time finger tracking.

The character was designed by 3D artist Guglielmo Rocco, who defined and finalized the protagonist, namely the virtual avatar of GOLPE! in "Lontano da tutto", using the Character Creator software. Guglielmo constantly tested the avatar's response to animations applied to the body and face, recorded through the iClone facial tracking system. In addition, during the shooting, the Live Face application for smartphones was also used, which allowed the team to record facial movements, expressions, and lip syncing.

The video shooting was entirely carried out inside the Triangolo.Lab music recording studio in Bergamo, with the participation of Stevie Lametti, artist manager, and Giorgia Oresta, director and videomaker, both of them involved in the behind the scenes.

Paolo Aralla and Mirko Lo Conte, members of the team, directed all the motion capture shots with Wondar Studios' Xsens suit, which allows live recording of the wearer's body animations and real-time data flow transmission into Unreal Engine, a software developed by Epic Games and which is at the forefront of everything related to video games and animation. In particular, it is characterized by the photorealism of the various visual components within the project.

The recording is made possible thanks to sensors positioned inside the suit, which are applied along the actor's body and allow their movements to be reproduced in real time in 3D rendering.

Once filming was complete, post-production work was carried out by 3D artist Xand3r C4g3, who combined story, camera movements, motion capture recordings, and special effects in Unreal Engine.

"Lontano da tutto" is in every way part of a path of innovation and opening of some sectors to others, finding the perfect combination and collaboration. In view of a much more interactive future, Wondar Studios continues its research and implements new projects, with the aim of developing an approach towards various entertainment sectors, from music, to acting, to cinematographic animation, and much more.

Text and music by: GOLPE!
3D artist: JOE KARAVA
Technical and VFX artist: XAND3R C4G3
1st assistant: GLORIA ZUCCHELLI
Talented: GOLPE!
Distributed by: SONY MUSIC ITALY
Produced by: MOLTO FORTE

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