Dsquared2 opens Fall Winter 2023 with two digital models

Creativity and innovation come together on the catwalks of Dsquared2. Two digital avatars animated by Dean and Dan in motion capture opened the show dedicated to the presentation of Fall Winter 2023..

Dean e Dan, the creative directors of Dsquared2, opened the latest show in Milan dedicated to the presentation of Fall Winter 2023 by personally animating the two digital models who were the protagonists of the evening.

Leading this project is Alex Tacchi, CEO of Full Frame Figure, the first virtual production house based in Milan. The idea and creative direction dedicated to this project involved the digital realization of a "dream", in particular the dream of a boy who begins to fantasize and imagine that two twins are right there with him from his bedroom.

dsquared alex tacchi wondar studios

Dsquared2 at Fall Winter 2023: how the digital models were created

The two 3D models were first adapted by Alessio Albanesi, a 3D generalist and Unreal Engine specialist, following the artistic direction of Dsquared2 and customized by adding some details of the brand's new collection. Secondly, they were placed in a 3D environment, whose lighting resembled a classic heavenly dream.

The fact that the protagonists of the scene were two required the management of two complete motion capture setups and the simultaneous acting of Dean and Dan. Both tracking systems, managed by the team of the Italian motion capture start-up Wondar Studios and composed of Xsens suits, Manus gloves and facial tracking, were displayed in real-time in the digital environment in Unreal Engine, in order to provide the whole team with a semi-final idea of what the final render would be like.

dsquared alex tacchi wondar studios

Interview with Alex Tacchi: "Motion capture opens up new possibilities"

We asked Alex Tacchi to share some curiosities with us about this type of virtual production and what the future developments of this technology could be:

What do you think are the potentials of these types of virtual sets?

I set virtuali come questo, dove non ci sono interazioni con l’ambiente reale e tutto si svolge in un mondo completamente 3D, sono molto diversi da quelli su cui sono abituato a lavorare in Virtual Production: qui non ci sono limiti fisici legati all’ingombro dello schermo LED che solitamente si trova alle spalle dei soggetti che riprendo e, non essendoci scenografia, tutto risulta meno complicato sia per noi della troupe che per gli attori/modelli.

The potentials are literally infinite: there is greater flexibility both in design and execution, and storytelling crosses the boundary between the real and virtual world, pushing towards choices that in the past would never have been considered both in terms of timing and budget.

Can you tell us some curiosities that these productions entail compared to a normal video production? And what are the aspects that allow you to experiment the most? 

This technology opens up new possibilities and opportunities compared to traditional video production, including:

1. greater control over lighting and environment;

2. more freedom in scenery: virtual sets can be created, modified and manipulated in real time, offering unlimited creative possibilities;

3. no physical limitation on camera movements or angles;

4 .more efficient and economical pre-visualization;

5. remote collaboration: it allows multiple actors and crews to be in the same virtual space, even from different physical locations;

6. real-time playback and special effects are associated with the realistic movements of characters/actors: everything happens in front of the entire crew's eyes, allowing greater collaboration among the various departments and improving the overall quality of the final product;

7. cost savings: eliminates the need for expensive physical sets, props, and costumes.

dsquared2 alex tacchi wondar studios

Working with motion capture suits in a virtual environment is truly innovative and exciting. The technology allows for a more fluid and dynamic creative process, breaking down the barriers between the virtual and real worlds.

Actors are able to bring their performances to life in a new and engaging way, and real-time visualization of their movements offers unlimited possibilities for experimentation and iteration. Whether it's film or games, this technology offers a unique opportunity for teams to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and create truly unforgettable experiences.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and human performance translates into a truly magical and fascinating process every time.

When you're on set, do you always have a clear vision or do you like to improvise based on what you see happening?

Some directors prefer to have a clear vision and plan their shots, while others embrace improvisation and adapt to what is happening on set. Working in virtual, the ability to see 3D scenes and actors' movements in real time can offer more opportunities for improvisation, as the technology allows for a more fluid and flexible creative process. However, the degree of improvisation will vary depending on the project, director, and specific circumstances on set.

Despite your longstanding collaboration, what was it like to work with Dean and Dan on a set like this?

I Gemelli Caten sono noti per i loro design all’avanguardia e per l’approccio audace alla moda, il che rende il lavoro con loro stimolante e incredibilmente gratificante. La loro passione ed energia sono contagiose e il loro spirito collaborativo crea un ambiente in cui fioriscono creatività e ispirazione.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, working with Dean and Dan is an unforgettable experience that will push you beyond your limits and inspire you to bring your best work to the table.

Despite it being a completely new experience for them, Dean and Dan quickly adapted to the situation and delivered a noteworthy performance that immediately yielded excellent results.

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