Wond AR Studios

We do motion capture and 3D data acquisition


Marketplace of 3D character animations, realistically recorded with professional motion capture systems.

Motion capture

Animation service customized with the motion tracking system Xsens. 

3D data acquisition

3D data acquisition service for crowd, location and props.


Wond AR Studios

Wond AR Studios is a technology-driven service company for film, gaming and live events. The startup was founded by Paolo Aralla, Ennio Pirolo, and Mirko Lo Conte, who have decades of experience in the video production, software, and CGI industries.

There are three main product lines: Marketplace, Production, and 3D Data Acquisition.

Wond AR Studios was born form an idea which is realized in a project

Wond AR Studios offers a wide range of 3D data acquisition services for the VFX industry, including motion capture, crowd, drone lidar location scanning, props scanning, and drone plate. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and to request a quote.

Wond AR Studios offers a wide range of motion capture services: we accurately capture body movements, enabling the creation of smooth and realistic animations.

We are also specialized in 3D data acquisition for crowds, locations, and objects, using drones and Lidar technology to ensure accurate details.

Our VFX Data services take cinematic and gaming productions to the next level by capturing data for high-quality visual effects.

Wond AR Studio is a guarantee of quality

Experience and expertise

Our team boasts proven experience in the AR industry, ensuring innovative and high-quality solutions

Cutting-edge technology

We use the latest technologies to capture and create realistic and engaging 3D data

Customized approach

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create tailor-made solutions

They say about us

Daniele Semeraro - Sky Journalist

Director and CEO of Wondar Studios, Paolo Aralla, along with other technology enthusiasts, has created a company that develops software for concerts, events, builds avatars, metaverses, and NFTs. Increasingly, the future of events such as concerts but also conferences, theatrical performances, cultural, and artistic shows will become a fusion between the real world - where artists move - and the virtual world - where performances are set.



Rob Budde - Màgina Agency

The challenge of bringing technology into live situations, where it's not possible to process images in post-production, has been embraced by WondAR with great passion and professionalism. I am very pleased with the collaboration between Màgina and WondAR Studios. Paolo & company's professionalism and creativity greatly inspire me.


Simone Silvestri - VFX Supervisor

In Diabolik 2, I didn't find any significant differences between using the motion capture suit indoors or outdoors, also thanks to the preparation and availability of Paolo Aralla and his collaborators.


Stefano Girardi - Director

Creating animations with Wond AR Studios was easy and fast. The suit is much easier to handle compared to other motion capture systems. It has the advantage of having gyroscopic sensors that transmit the movements of the suit without the need for a set equipped for motion capture via cameras.


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