Wond AR Studios

We do motion capture and 3D data acquisition


Marketplace of 3D character animations, realistically recorded with professional motion capture systems.

Motion capture

Animation service customized with the motion tracking system Xsens. 

3D data acquisition

3D data acquisition service for crowd, location and props.


Wond AR Studios

Wond AR Studios is a technology-driven service company for film, gaming and live events. The startup was founded by Paolo Aralla, Ennio Pirolo, and Mirko Lo Conte, who have decades of experience in the video production, software, and CGI industries.

There are three main product lines: Marketplace, Production, and 3D Data Acquisition.

January 2020


June 2020

YogAR Beta

January 2021

Horigram Beta

February 2021

Motion Capture

july 2021


January 2022

Crowd and props scan service

November 2023

Drone photogrammetry and lidar


We see a future perspective in which smart glasses will change the paradigm of visualization of holograms, providing the ability to interact directly with them.


Become the Italian benchmark for the creation and distribution of augmented reality, motion capture and VFX services

Our clients:

Wond AR Studios was born form an idea which is realized in a project

Wond AR Studios offers a wide range of 3D data acquisition services for the VFX industry, including motion capture, crowd, drone lidar location scanning, props scanning, and drone plate. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and to request a quote.



Founder of the video production company Bapufilm, collaborates with National Geographic, Red Bull Media House, Sky Italia, and Walt Disney. Specialized in action shooting techniques using drones, cameracar, and professional gimbals in both television and digital contexts. Since 2014, he has been creating highly innovative content in 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality.


Founder of AmbiensVR, a company specializing in offering technology in virtual and augmented reality. He is a computer engineer with a background in architectural design and has experience in the world of start-ups, including Interactive Project and AmbiensVR. 


Founder of Virtual Blast, post production company specialized in CGI and VFX. He has a decade experience as 3D generalist, working for customers like Honda, Sky, Bulgari and many others. Supervisor and coordinator of all production phases that require interventions in CGI. Passionate about new technologies, in recent years he is mainly dedicated to the development of pipelines dedicated to virtual production.

gloria zucchelli wondar studios

Gloria Zucchelli - Project Manager

She is in charge of the editorial plan, creates content for the communication channels of Wond AR Studios and collaborates with the team for the creation of audio-visual material.




Web content creator who has an active collaboration with Mediaset Infinity. It offers web marketing consultancy to different businesses, such as architectural firms or live event organizers.

edoardo antognetti wondar studios

Edoardo Antognetti - Game Developer

Despite his young age, he already boasts the creation of two video games produced in Unity and a strong command of various 3D development software.

nicola gualandris wondar studios

Nicola Gualandris - Sound designer

Founder of TRIANGOLO.LAB, a creative sound laboratory (sound design, foley artist, field recording), he has been collaborating with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Disney+ for 10 years. He creates and develops immersive audio, ambisonic VR, binaural and 3D audio content.

stefano girardi wondar studios

Stefano Girardi - Regista e VFX Artist

After almost twenty years of set between documentaries, commercials and TV programs, he discovered the dark side of the Metaverse and gave himself personally to special effects.
Now he lives in a distant CGI galaxy with his beloved Oculus.

alessio albanesi wondar studios

Alessio Albanesi - 3d generalist and Unreal Engine specialist

Alessio has virtual production experiences for fashion (Ferragamo, Valentino), automotive (Maserati) and music video clips (Eros Ramazzotti, Sfera Ebbasta).

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