Star Wars, the event that combines Motion Capture and VR in Milan

Virtual Reality, Digital Avatars, Motion Capture, and Interaction, these are the keywords that characterized the latest event by Wondar Studios: an application created non-profit, a tribute to the universe created by Lucas and for all Star Wars fans

Participants played a quiz composed of a series of themed multiple-choice questions posed by an actor wearing a motion capture suit, interacting in the virtual world with those wearing the Oculus and testing their knowledge of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Event at Meet Digital Culture Center in Milan

The event took place in one of the most important venues representing today's technological evolution, the Meet Digital Culture Center in Milan, during the Innocult Fest: an international showcase of installations, performances, and projects exploring how the creative industry can embrace digital innovation.

The project, open to the public, was built and designed by Wondar Studios staff and 3D artist and director Stefano Girardi, with the goal of making the virtual experience as interactive as possible. Those wearing the Oculus had the opportunity to explore a VR village inspired by the fortified city of Jedah and, by answering the questions correctly, prove to be a true Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Event, a quiz for saga enthusiasts

For the quiz, a series of stations were set up, occupied by some of the most famous characters in Star Wars, which the player could reach by moving within the walls of the citadel. Once they reached the desired character, the user interacted with the animated Trooper through the motion capture suit, who asked the questions, verified the answers, and assigned points.

Motion Capture and VR, the interaction between the two realities

The integration of motion capture into VR applications makes it possible to interact with the characters that make up the game, giving the opportunity to interact with a digital avatar, for now maintaining a basic level of exchange (question/answer), but building the foundations of an increasingly immersive technological future.

The environment and structure of the quiz were designed with Unreal Engine and even the live animation data flow passes through the 3D design software, thanks to the streaming of MVN, Xsens software that captures the actor's movements, from the body to the fingertips.

An offline version of the quiz will be available at the Meet Digital Culture Center in the VR Corner. There will be no actor interacting with those wearing the Oculus, but it will be available for anyone who wants to test their knowledge or just have some fun.

The future prospects of the Italian startup Wondar Studios lie in designing and opening the doors to as many live events as possible using motion capture technology, providing infinite creative possibilities for event production and breaking down the barriers to accessing them.

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