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Bring your digital avatar to life with stunning photorealism, fully rigged and ready for animation, with custom hair and clothing options

Wond AR Studios offers a Digital Avatar modeling service, which consists of creating custom 3D characters. 

Make the characters in your projects realistic

3D character modeling has become an essential part of the media and entertainment industry. Creating a realistic 3D avatar allows you to add personality and emotion to your characters, making them photorealistic and recognizable to your audience.

A 3D character can be used in:


video games


virtual reality

augmented reality

Our 3D artists in Wond AR Studios can create digital humans that are visually stunning and emotionally engaging. They can evoke different reactions in the audience, whether it is excitement, fear or empathy.


The process of creating a 3D avatar

The ways of building a character are different according to the type of request, but in all cases the latter are exported in .fbx and riggati, ready to be animated.

Il processo di creazione di un avatar 3D inizia con la scelta delle caratteristiche fisiche e del look desiderati. Questo può includere l’età, il genere, l’etnia, la forma del viso, la lunghezza dei capelli e il colore degli occhi, solo per citare alcuni esempi.

On the other hand, as far as character customization is concerned, it is possible to add any desired details such as clothes, accessories and specific facial features.

Three modes of creation: Character Creator, Metahuman Creator and Ready Player Me.

brown ch
jobs ch
mezcal ch
matrix ch
hunziker metahuman
dre metahuman
dsquared personalizzazione
depp ready

Character Creator

A complete solution for your 3D avatar

Character Creator is a complete character creation solution that allows you to generate, import and customize stylized or realistic avatar assets for use with iClone, Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity or any other 3D tool.

Adjusting character shapes, defining the appearance of the skin, changing hairstyles, are just some of the many modifications and operations that applied to the character can make it unique and true to life, if the goal is to reproduce a copy of an existing character.

Metahuman Creator

High-fidelity digital human beings

Metahuman Creator allows the creation of realistic and highly detailed characters for games, movies, virtual reality and other applications.

With this pipeline, it is possible to generate a copy of a real character by the inclusion of the 3D scan of the face involved, thus creating a full-fledged metahuman.

Customizing a Character

Take your Avatar to the next level

This service is dedicated to pre-existing 3D models to which modeling changes can be applied with Maya and Blender. Dedicated to avatars already rigged and prepared for further modification.

dsquared character

Ready Player Me

3D avatar from a selfie

All cartoon models in ReadyPlayerMe can be rigged and animated for both body and face movement, thanks to Apple's blenshdape Arkit.

Through this process it is possible to obtain a digital avatar that can be integrated into any 3D software such as Unreal Engine, Maya, Unity, etc.

johnny depp made in ready player me

Want to try Xsens motion capture technology?

Using our Xsens Inertial Motion Capture system, we shoot and reprocess the data using the Xsens software, providing your content with a delivery time of 24-72 hours.

Animations available in .fbx, .bvh or .3ds format. Our service includes consulting, video reference, in-service suit and mocap talent.

Post-processing and cleaning options available upon request.

Do you want some 25fps demo fbx to test?
Test Unity, Maya, Unreal and Blender with our demo pack.

cinema 4d

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