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Create and share your AR content

Platform to create and share content in virtual and augmented reality.

Motion tracking

The App is designed to make the most of the LiDAR scanner of the new iPad Pro so as to allow the production of content for everyone through the best device in the world for augmented reality.

Designed for future smart glasses

The App looks to the future, was created for smart glasses, devices that will revolutionize people's lives and ways of consumption, and will soon be available for Hololens2 and Magic Leap

Customize and share

The App is able to automatically animate the 3D avatar. The animation can be customized through advanced simple and intuitive editing functions. The platform allows you to share the product with the whole world, like a social network!

Original contents

In addition to UGC (User Generated Content) content, we will make available original augmented reality productions made by specialized production houses.

Call per Beta Tester

Do you want to try Horigram in preview?

Join our beta tester program. You can:

– test the innovative features of the app in advance
– provide and receive feedback in real time
– get involved in the development and improvement of the platform

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