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We have developed a platform capable of creating augmented reality content in a simple and intuitive way


Create and share your AR content

Through the Apple LiDAR scanner technology, the user will be able to animate avatars in 3D by recording the movement of their body independently, upload to the platform, add audio tracks and share them with their friends. 

Motion tracking

The App is designed to make the most of the LiDAR scanner of the new iPad Pro so as to allow the production of content for everyone through the best device in the world for augmented reality.

Designed for future smart glasses

The App looks to the future, was created for smart glasses, devices that will revolutionize people's lives and ways of consumption, and will soon be available for Hololens2 and Magic Leap

Customize and share

The App is able to automatically animate the 3D avatar. The animation can be customized through advanced simple and intuitive editing functions. The platform allows you to share the product with the whole world, like a social network!

Original contents

In addition to UGC (User Generated Content) content, we will make available original augmented reality productions made by specialized production houses.

It all started with the development of an augmented reality app for Yoga classes. Thanks to the best motion capture suit on the market, we recorded the first lessons with the Odaka Master and processed the files through Maya, 3D Studio, Unity and other 3D animation softwares.

In the summer of 2020 we created a Beta version of YogAR for mobile devices with the prospect of developing the definitive App for smart glasses, once released on the market, as we believe that these devices will change the paradigm of understanding holograms, even with the possibility to interact directly with them. They will not be virtual reality viewers or smartphones with AR functionality, they will be real space computers.

In September 2020 the project evolved and we decided to create the first platform that is able to give all creators the opportunity to create and publish content in augmented reality, in the first months of 2021 we will release the new beta version of the platform.

The App is available in beta version for iOS operating systems, in the second half of 2021 the app will be available for Hololens2 and Magic Leeap.

Coming soon...

MokApp for Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses will be available to everyone. The big players have been investing in this technology for the past 10 years. Google, Microsoft and now Facebook are developing ever lighter and more ergonomic glasses that will replace smartphones within a few years. We share this vision and will launch the definitive version of MokApp for these devices with the aim of making the experience truly immersive.

We want to be the first to enter the new augmented reality app market!


Our Motion Capture is the most competitive!

We are the only ones in Italy to offer a fast and professional Motion Capture pipeline. Thanks to the partnership with Xsens, a leader in the sector, we offer a home service to create virtual content that can be used on all 3D software. By developing a flow that gives the possibility to project live a 3D character thanks to the rendering engine of Unreal Engine 4 and collaboration with Real Illusion technicians, our motion capture is the most competitive on the market. We have the best technology available to our customers, such as the Xsens suit, Manus Prime gloves and face tracking. In this way we are able to animate 3D avatars for augmented reality (but not only!) With extreme precision, control and stability.



Founder of Bapufilm a video production company specialized in documentary and action sports, he collaborates with National Geographic, Red Bull Media House, Sky Italia and Walt Disney. Specialized in outdoor shooting and trailblazing shooting techniques in the application of drones in the television and digital fields. For the last 3 years he has been creating highly innovative contents in 3D, virtual and augmented reality.


Founder of AmbiensVR, a company specializing in offering technology in virtual and augmented reality. He is a computer engineer with a background in architectural design and has experience in the world of start-ups, including Interactive Project and AmbiensVR. 


Web content creator with horizontal knowledge on the whole world of web marketing and a vertical on creating content for the web. He collaborates with Mediaset Play and offers consultancy to various businesses, such as architectural firms or organizers of live events.

Edoardo Brindasso - 3D artist

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