Pick up object from the ground

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Pick up object from the ground


Humanoid animation of picking up object from the ground.
The Xsens motion capture suit technology was used to create realistic and human-like animation.
Using the MVN Animate software will ensure that your conclusions are true, and HD Reprocessing will provide you the best motion capture data conceivable.

Our animations are performed by skilled mocap actors and span from simple walking to the execution of free body acrobatics under the right circumstances.
Every recording animation may be combined to form different sequences, depending on the project they are being used for.

Download this move to make your character active!

Duration: 6 seconds

Export: 60 fps

Dimension: 39 MB

Made with XSens technology.

All animations are made with professional equipment, do you want to know more about this topic? Drop us a line on Discord!

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Our animations are fully compatible with Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya and Blender animation software.

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This online platform offers Motion Capture recordings that can be applied to any rigged 3D model. The downloadable folder contains all the necessary extensions (.fbx) for Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender and an additional .usd extension, an open and extensible ecosystem for describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D worlds, originally developed by Pixar Animation Studios. The animations are exported at 60 frames per second, providing users the ability to use the animations in slow motion, resulting in even smoother movement.

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Download animation-ready character with the optimal rendering quality. Available for Unity, UE e Maya.

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